Property and life insurance, where the most important thing is you.

About Us

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About Us

We are a young company that focuses on the analysis of your current risk situation, and as a result we put together a strategic insurance plan aligned with your asset risk WITHOUT PAYING MORE THAN YOU SHOULD.


To offer an excellent service adapting to the needs of each of our clients and to establish a long term bond.


To be one of the main companies focused on providing cargo insurance due to the excellence of our services and customer care, as well as offering the widest coverage in property and life insurance.

Our services

We work with first class companies with competitive conditions within the insurance market.




We offer a wide variety of insurances covering third parties and total or partial damages of your vehicle due to accident, theft or fire.

  • Civil Liability
  • Third parties
  • Fully Comprehensive

Labor Risk Insurance Companies (ART)

Labor Risk Insurance Companies (ART) are private companies hired by employers to advise them on prevention measures and to repair damage in cases of labor accidents or occupational diseases.



We offer the best protection for your house or apartment, it is an insurance that covers the fire of the building and its contents, robbery / theft of furniture and appliances, glass breakage or cracking with the normal costs of placement.



A coverage that replaces the conventional guarantees requested by real estate agents at the time of renting a property. This coverage focuses on providing a solution for the tenant by simplifying the access to a guarantee at the time of renting and provide more security to the owner.



Surety insurance is a contract by means of which an Insurer guarantees in favor of a third party called the Insured / Beneficiary, the fulfillment by the Policyholder/Tenderer of an obligation established in a contract.

Therefore, the Insurer is obliged to pay the Insured/Beneficiary a certain amount by virtue of the damages caused by the Policyholder as a consequence of his/her breach.



The best fire protection for your home. An insurance that covers fire in the building (including hurricane, cyclone, tornado and hail. Additionally, its contents, liability to boundaries, lodging expenses and debris removal.



Labor, Sports, School and 24 hours Coverages.

The basic coverage covers the Death and Disability of the Insured as a result of an accident during the activity for which the Insurance was contracted, and as additional option, Medical and Pharmaceutical Assistance and Daily Income for Temporary Disability can be also included. All accidents which happen on site are also covered by the Personal Accident policy. They can be hired by a single person, a Sports’ Club, an Educational Establishment, a Company, for all those who want to be included.



Insurance and protection for your business, retailer, wholesaler and/or warehouse.

The Special Multiple Peril Policy is the easiest and most economical way to have security and protection for your business, plans for: Administrative Offices; Insurance Offices, Accounting Firms, Lawyers. Stores: Boutiques, clothe shops. Gastronomy: Pizzerias, restaurants and grills Retailers: Supermarkets, grocery stores. Mobile telephony: sale of devices and accessories. Plans for retail shops, wholesalers and/or deposits with mandatory coverage for fire, theft and glass.




  • Local or International Insurance for: Marine, Land, Air and River traffic, including intermediate storage.
  • Individual and floating policies, personalized and highly competitive.
  • Personalized attention. Risk analysis and management. Technical and legal advice.
  • Network of liquidators with presence and response guaranteed in less than 24 hours in any port in the world.
  • Certificate issuance through the website.


With an International coverage and for logistic operators around the world that handle directly the load or storage, whether or not they issue their own transport documents.

  • International Coverage.
  • Subsidiary Character.
  • It applies to recurred acts and claims initiated during the term of the insurance.
  • It is intended for logistics operators who carry out direct handling of cargo or its storage, whether or not they issue their own transport documents.

New arrivals

New arrivals

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Action COACH Workshop

Great Action COACH Workshop “Poniendo Valor a tu Negocio” Giving value to your business is a great dream to realize, with clear tools and strategies is possible to grow your sales and optimize your time. Thanks Action COACH for the invitation.

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To be part of this team makes us grow personally and professionally. BNI is Givers Gain

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Partner of E-COMEX

We were born with the firm purpose of providing our clients with a better environment for their foreign trade operations. We are distinguished by our commitment with importers and exporters, based on the association of specialized services in Foreign Trade and a great professional group, strongly involved in each process.

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Training in Cordoba Province

Together with the CDA filial Córdoba, a training session was held in the province with the aim of providing knowledge on 'The importance of transport insurance and civil liability in the logistics world'. With a large number of participants, Customs Brokers and Cargo Agents from all over the province were able to discuss various topics related to cargo.


We stand out in providing personalized attention without having to move from your company Contact us by any means of communication.